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In the previous post, I shared Decurion members’ reflections on their experience of Decurion.  Most were excerpts from longer notes.  In this post, I want to share one member’s full response to the questions, “Has Decurion had a meaningful impact on your life?” and “Have you flourished in some way because of your time at Decurion?”  She had been at Decurion for 7 years and was preparing to leave the company.

“I want to thank you for creating the opportunity for me to experience an entirely different way of acting and leading in business.  I have long held a desire to make a meaningful contribution in my life and to continually grow and develop.  At Decurion, I found a place that helped me move these desires from unformed aspirations to actionable standards for behavior in my everyday work.

“There are several beliefs we hold at Decurion that are especially meaningful to me.  One is that people are ten times more capable than most people, organizations, or roles allow them to be.  I have experienced this directly for myself.  When I connect with members as people and do not limit them to the role which they currently fill, I experience joy, connectedness, and growth, and I believe we achieve better business results.

“Another belief I have experienced is that dealing with difficult issues directly and authentically is an act of caring and compassion.  My previous business experience had conditioned me to believe that people couldn’t handle the truth and that as leaders we needed to “protect” the company by withholding information until the action was complete.  For instance, in my previous company, reductions in our workforce as well as the sale of the company were “secrets” that were sprung on employees when the events occurred.  Because there was no sharing of intent or context in advance, employees felt disrespected and used at best, and some even felt lied to and manipulated.  Decurion’s approach of sharing our plans for the sale of a portion of our theater chain or the required reduction in our Home Office headcount are examples of a much more competent and human way of relating to people in business.  Decurion members demonstrated maturity, respect, and compassion during these times of change.  I will always treasure these experiences.

“As I prepare to transition from the company in a few months, I am reflecting on how I have changed and what I want to take with me to my next role.  I have learned to be a better leader and a more complete version of myself in my time at Decurion.  These experiences have become part of who I am, and I will continue to bring them into my life and my work with others.”

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