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In two previous blog posts, I shared Decurion members’ reflections on their experience of Decurion.  In this post, I want to share one more.  It includes her full response to the questions, “Has Decurion had a meaningful impact on your life?” and “Have you flourished in some way because of your time at Decurion?”  She had been at Decurion for ten and a half years.

“When I joined Decurion in October of 2000, I held the perspective that I was bringing a set of gifts—in the form of skills and competencies in theater operations—to the company that would enable it to achieve a set of desired outcomes.  My perspective also assumed that through achieving these goals I, too, would gain additional business skills and competencies.  To me, this was the way a ‘good’ employment relationship worked, and it didn’t occur to me that my time at Decurion would or should be more than that.  It has been my lived experience at Decurion that the possibilities of an employer’s impact on the lives of those it employs and touches through business can be and have been infinite.  I went from desiring only ‘good’ to experiencing ‘great’ through this employment relationship.

“I can’t begin to adequately describe the impact my years at Decurion have had on my life.  The work I have engaged in, because it is a requirement to do, has been both meaningful and significant in so very many ways.  It seems to me that when I’ve tried to convey how my life has been impacted by writing down or through dialogue with a ‘this is what it is’ or ‘this is what I mean’ descriptive approach, the essence and the meaning is often lost or reduced.  Over the years I have come to know and start to practice that it is through the telling of a short story, and only in response to an inquiry made by someone after they’ve noted something about my own behavior or capability, that others get a glimpse of how meaningful my work at the company has been to my life.  As in all things in life, telling these stories well takes practice so I’ll practice again here….

“My father passed away this past week.  The sorrow and heartbreak felt by me and my family has been great to say the very least.  There was a shared desire, however, to ensure that the services were a celebration of his life and a time for tears.  To my mom and siblings these seemingly contradictory outcomes did not appear achievable.  It is due to my development at Decurion that I now have a capability of holding contradictions and creating something bigger that can hold them both.  Through this gift of development that I received, I was able to provide a gift to my family and work with them in a way that allowed us all to laugh through our tears.  Of course this was achieved through numerous tactics and seemed to build upon itself over the course of the past ten days.  My nieces and nephews in particular commented and inquired into, ‘How can you be so strong and yet so tender?’  This provided me a beautiful opportunity to speak to them about important ways of being in the world that they seemed genuinely intrigued by.  At the vigil and funeral services, an extended group of friends and family members were able to experience this mixing of deep joy and sorrow.  My family and I received so many comments of how special and touching the services were and how peaceful they felt by attending.  One of my uncles almost did not come to the services at all because of his significant apprehension about death and his somewhat estranged relationship with my dad and our family over the course of his adult life.  He shared with me how grateful he was to have attended and to have had an experience that seemed to have healed him in some meaningful way.

“I hope that this short story provided you a glimpse into how the meaningful contributions Decurion has made to me and my life are also touching and influencing others in the world through the way I do business and the way I simply ‘am’ in the world these days.”

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