People who succeed at Decurion respond to merit and reason, not to hierarchy and rules. They are not attached to roles, titles, or status. Their identity is not tied to being a technical expert or the leading authority. They promote loyalty to the community’s principles, not to persons, and discourage deference to authority. They accept ambiguity and learning anxiety and are comfortable with a stance of not knowing. They embrace contradiction and paradox. Instead of immediately solving all problems, they will sometimes allow a problem to solve them, that is, to develop them to a new level of maturity from which can emerge new solutions to old problems.

Decurion is not the right place for everyone. It is a place for people who find it natural to treat others not only as means but also as ends in themselves, to create conditions for development, and to build meaning into the tasks they perform. It is a place for people who will tolerate nothing less than excellence. It is a place for people to express themselves fully. It is a place for people who have an inner drive towards self-development and the development of others.


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